We are a group of artist that provide services for Bridal Party, Shows, TV commerical/advertising shoots and Make-up Lessons.

Emmy’s Profile

80′ Emmy became active in Hong Kong’s make-up scene, She was the chief make-up artist in a number of high-profile fashion shows. She worked as the make-up artist for a lots of album covers, fashion magazines, TV commercials and printed ads. She is also the founder of Faces Make-up Studio in Hong Kong, which provided spa, make-up services as well as personal make-up classes.

90′ maigrated to Toronto, Canada and became the chief make-up artist of Fairchild Television Toronto, From the first Miss Toronto Chinese Pageant and the first New Talent Singing Contest to date, Emmy has established a trustful working relationship with Fairchild TV, In addition, Emmy was also the make-up artist for various TV commercials, fashion shows and concerts.

95′ Emmy was the founder of Faces Make-up Studio and Bridal Boutique, and was the make-up artist and stylist for numerous brides and wedding parties. She also held make-up classes and trained many professional make-up artists, At the same time, she was an instructor at Fairchild Radio’s New Star Training Program.

02′ Emmy was invited by Columbia Pictures to be the make-up artist for Mr. Chow Yuen Fat for the Hollywood production, The Bullet Proof Monk.

06′ sold the business of Faces Make-up Studio and Bridal Boutique Toronto, and focused on her make-up career. She started her own make-up studio, and remains to be the chief make-up artist of Fairchild TV. She also focused on her make-up teaching career, as well as other make-up assignments such as TV commercials, concerts, and bridal make-up.

80′ 年代開始活躍於香港化粧界. 曾任多個大型時裝表演的總化粧師, 亦曾擔任無數的唱片封套, 時裝雜誌, 及廣告製作的化粧師. 並於八十年代中創立香港顏妝 Faces Make-up Studio. 以工作室形式為顧客堤供美容, 化粧服務和私人化粧課程.

90′ 年代移居多倫多, 成為多倫多新時代電視的總化粧師. 從第一界的華裔小姐及新秀歌唱大賽到現在, 已有十多年合作關係. 此外更為其他大型電視廣告製作, 時裝表演和演唱會之總化粧師.

95′ 開設多倫多顏妝婚嫁形像設計婚紗店, 曾為無數新娘化粧及擔任形象顧問. 及後更開辨化粧班, 訓練不少專業化粧師. 同時亦為加拿大中文電台的新星訓練班擔任講師.

02′ 得到荷里活哥倫比亞公司的邀請, 在電影 The Bullet Proof Monk 內擔任周潤發先生的私人化粧師.

06′ 售出多倫多顏妝, 專心從事其化粧事業. 更設立了自巳的化粧室, 並繼續擔任新時代電視大型製作的總化粧師一職, 期間更專注於其化粧教授課程及其他化粧工作如廣告, 演唱會和新娘化粧等等.

We are located at 20 Wertheim Court, Unit 16, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3A8
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